Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm about to make THESE and I'm not sure that they'll make it to the church in time for our Thanksgiving dinner (because I might eat them all).  Please pray that they do and that others at our church can also share in the clogging of arteries.  My mom says that my dad could live off of them...but not the clogged arteries.  Close your eyes Erica, your blood sugar may go nuts if you even look at this!

Update: They made it to the church, and NONE of them made it to my mouth.  But it's ok, the CUP of butter that is used in the recipe sort of grossed me out when I was making them anyway.  HA!


J.E.M. said...

OMG. I am baking those as soon as I get the ingredients. Holy crap...I'm in trouble now.

Bug and Bear said...

Forget about how the butter grossed you out and try them. They are to die for! They just melt in your mouth, it's like pure heaven. Trust me, once you have them y'all dream about them.

EHW said...

I've had these before and YES... you must try them! I knew I should have gone to the Thanksgiving dinner at church on Sunday!