Monday, November 03, 2008

The Grey Area.

Grey is 8 months old today.  He has NO teeth and he has only just begun to master the one legged combat crawl.  But he goes very slowly.  He made it to the tile yesterday and you would've thought he made it into enemy territory and needed air support.  He was not happy with the hard surface.


Lindsey said...

AWESOME PICTURE! You need to frame these things and hang them up in your house!

J.E.M. said...

Those eyes! Melt do you say no to those things? And 8 months already? Are you sure you counted correctly? I swear he was just born... :)

Ashley said...

lindsey: i'd have no wall space if i printed all these. but sadly, there's not one picture of any family member up in our house....yet.

e: if you've ever tried to pick this fat boy up, you'd know he's surely not a newborn. :)