Sunday, November 02, 2008

Some Hah-aween.

This is the main reason for getting this costume.  It spins.  Anna has worn it many times before Halloween and it will be a staple in her dress-up wardrobe.  She was a "kitty princess."  It came from The Children's Place and really was more of "just a dress" than a costume.  It had a mask that went with it that she didn't really like to wear for very long.  We got her another one that only lasted a few more seconds on her face than the first one.  It didn't even have a tail...Nana and I got a feather boa and I safety pinned it on the back for the tail, she had some feathery hair clips in her buns on her head for "ears" and had some furry bracelets that she decided not to wear too.  But she had a blast spinning!  That's all that matters.  She spent most of the day dizzy.
And here it is.  The homemade costume for Daddy and Grey.  Grey's was NOT homemade and cost way too much for the amount of time he wore it.  Maybe 15 minutes.  Daddy was a building and Grey was King Kong.  All Daddy's idea.  The building was very homemade looking....

Grey was very hot.

He ate the "fire" off of the building...and a few windows fulfilling his calling for the day.

We went out the usual hot spot for Halloween night which was my sister's house.  A bunch of other kids always come over and they all go out and trick or treat.  Thanks Tara and Allie for entertaining Anna!  She had lots of fun.
Grey did a little "looking" for candy himself inside Todd's nose.  
I painted a nose and some whiskers on Anna's face for trick or treating.  She didn't REALLY look like a cat without the mask, and wasn't going to wear it, but she thought a little "makeup" on her cheeks was pretty cool.


Lindsey said...

King Kong and the gorilla were a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome costumes. Anna definitely has the best spin I've ever seen. Jobe and Grey are way to cute to laugh at...sorry Erin.