Saturday, November 08, 2008

Up from the depths...

"What woman?! I'm trying to eat these magnets!"
He tries to find me behind the camera.

These are the very few smiles we've gotten all week.  This boy has just been sick.  You name it, he's had it.  Well, not that extreme.  But we can now add one more thing to the lists of ailments, an ear infection.  Yep, one of the things that I hate the most.  We got a very gracious house call last night from our friend, Elizabeth, the pediatrician, who has been amazingly gracious to us all week.  She has been genuinely concerned about the kids all week.  She came over to take a look at Grey last night.  After digging large amounts of wax out of his ears so she could just get a glimpse of this eardrums, she looked at Erin, who was also there for support, and said, "This is what an ear is NOT supposed to look like..."  Nice.  She was SO great and called us in some antibiotics this morning.  It will be a few days until Grey really starts to feel better, but at least we may be on the downhill slide.  This, for sure, is still our enemy!  It's day 6 of diarrhea.  Please make it stop!


Anonymous said...

Wow, an ear infection and he looks that happy. What a sweet baby. I know that is not how he's been the whole time, but it is so nice to see he's on the road to recovery.

Hang in there Ashley, you're doing great. I know I couldn't handle all that. Just the stories of puking were enough for me.

jarcarhar said...

Okay...can I just tell you that you deserve a vacation as soon as possible after this week! I am so sorry that y'all have been stricken! On a lighter note, I think that Grey looks just like Anna in the fourth picture! Crazy!