Thursday, November 13, 2008

The dead zone.

Anna goes in and out of a "death" phase.  She's back into it lately.  The other day we were making some pancakes and Anna was helping me put in the ingredients.  She cracked an egg, put it in the bowl, and said, "Look Mommy, it's dead now."  Weird and a little morbid, but true.  She has been killing the poor little bugs that crawl past her again....mainly to see them smashed and twitchy.  And during "sick week" while Elisabeth and Erin were here, Anna had a brief conversation about death with Elisabeth.  I can't remember exactly how it went, but it was something like this:

Elisabeth: (sitting on the bed while looking at Erin and Chas' photos on the computer) Anna, what are you doing?
Anna: (also on the bed making a shoveling motion) I'm digging a hole.
Elisabeth: Why are you digging a hole?
Anna: Because...
Elisabeth: Are you going to put something in the hole?
Elisabeth: I'm going in the hole?  Why?
Anna: Cause you're dead.  

Erin assures me that the "death phase" is normal and that most kids go through it.  It's just SO weird.


J.E.M. said...

How VERY creepy! :) I hope we skip that phase.

Erin said...

She cracks me up. This could have something to do with a little 'bunny' that I'm recalling from her past....:) Did I ever tell you about the little boy in my class who told me daily that he was "killing me with his eyes"? That was a little creepy, and weirdly enough, I kind of felt like it was working... Sweet Banana is just a 'realist'...or maybe it's one too many episodes of "Trauma in the ER" :)