Friday, October 31, 2008

"Going to Hah-aween..."

Anna: Mommy, can we go to Hah-aween?

Me: Anna, it's Halloween all day today.  So we are already "at" Halloween.

Anna: Oh. Are we going to Hah-aween at Daddy's Oppice? (office)

Me: They are having a Halloween party at Daddy's office, and we get to go see some friends and get some candy.

Anna: OH YAY!  I'm gonna show Daddy my tail!  ...and my SPIN!

Me: He will love to see your tail and spin.  You'll have to show all our friends your pretty costume too!

Anna: Mommy, is Daddy gonna where his thing you made for him?

Me: I think he is.

Anna:  Mommy, are all Daddy's friends gonna laugh at him?   ...he's kinda silly.

Me: Yes, I think they will laugh.

Anna:  Mommy, are we going to Hah-aween?

(and yes, almost all of Anna's sentences begin with "Mommy.")


Anonymous said...

I want to see the tail and the spin

Anonymous said...

I would like to laugh at Jobe too!

Erin said...

Please tell miss banana that the tail and the spin are both awesome! And Cristin, you don't need an occasion to laugh at J, although the costume was pretty funny :)