Thursday, October 16, 2008


Anna got a new Leap Frog "super computer" game system for her birthday.  She has been wanting to play it so bad.  I thought that you needed a game cartridge to be able to play, so we ventured to Target to check out the selection.  To my surprise, Anna chose the Disney Princess game.  You may ask why I was surprised...there was also a Dora the Explorer and a Go Diego Go game next to the Disney game.  She almost always goes for the Dora or Diego stuff.  Gag.  So I was armed with a strategy for trying to talk her out of those before even getting to the store.  I was glad she chose the princesses.  I get enough of those other two shows everyday (she just watches one of each in the mornings)...but they talk SO loud!  Also to my surprise, you don't need a game cartridge with the system.  It comes with a few little built in games.

Anyway, last night Anna was busy dressing the virtual Cinderella and I, of course, was at the computer working.  I heard Anna say, "Mommy, can you come help me?"  She's been saying that many times since she'd just learned how to use the mouse and keyboard, so I thought she was just having trouble figuring something out.  I went into the living room and saw her having no trouble with a nice "video game gaze" on her face looking at the tv.  I asked, "You look like you're doing fine.  Why did you need me?"  She replied still staring at the 'beautiful dress' she was making, "Can you take off my shoes?"  She, sitting comfortably in her chair, couldn't bother to reach down and pull her shoes off because she might mess something up on her game.  Hmm, I see 'limits' on this game already.

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