Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No sticker. No sucker.

I asked Anna why she didn't get a sticker and a sucker at school today so Daddy could hear it straight from her.  She searched the ceiling for the answer...then began with this:
Anna: Um, I got up from my nap mat.
Me: I know, but what did you do after you got up?  Did you climb on something?
Anna: Yeah, I climbed on Allyssa.
Me:  ??  You climbed on Allyssa?
Anna: Yeah.  
Me: I thought you climbed on the table?
Anna: Me and Allyssa climbed on the table...and I fell off and hurt my neck.
Me/Daddy: So you got in trouble when you got up from your nap mat AND you caused someone else to not get a sticker and a sucker too?! (and risked both of your LIVES?!)
Anna: ..yeah....(hanging her head and sticking her lips out).

The sticker and sucker are their rewards for staying on their mat at nap/rest time.  They don't have to sleep, just stay put.  She has been getting up from her nap mat off and on since she started school.  Somehow I think the slyness and excitement of getting up when the teachers aren't there and coaxing a partner in crime is way more rewarding than something that will get lost within 10 minutes and a sugar high.


J.E.M. said...

OMG welcome to every Tuesday and Thursday for me! It's all about the dang nap mat. Megan just won't stay still. Last week she was a ballerina during nap time...

jarcarhar said...

This sounds so strangly familiar...hmmm. Its a good thing that Jakob stayed home today, or there would have been three little bodies climbing on the tables! You know, Alyssa was the culprit (sp?) in Jakob's nap-mat fiasco too!

Erin said...

Wow, she's letting 3 go to her head pretty fast. So brave. She's my kind of woman! Don't worry, I won't encourage it :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like way more fun than a sucker and sticker. She's just exhibiting leadership skills.