Sunday, October 12, 2008

The rain...again.

It has rained two out of three of Anna's birthdays.  It rained off and on today...and when it wasn't really considered as rain, it was misting.  So you'd be wet either way.  Anna felt a little tortured today as she sat eating lunch while looking out the kitchen window at the wet trampoline.  She wanted to jump SO bad.  I would have let her, but Daddy was going to take her to a soccer game (in the rain) this afternoon.  She thought that would be a pretty good consolation prize, and when she got back, was pretty tired and took a nice rainy day nap.  She had fun at the soccer game.  They got very wet, but Anna was well equipped (unlike at the cousins' soccer game on Saturday fault).  She wore her new rain coat and took her Sleeping Beauty umbrella.  She was set.  Maybe the rain will let up a little tomorrow, but the forecast is looking grim.  She'll end up jumping if it's wet or dry.  It's only water.  :)

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