Tuesday, October 07, 2008

We butchered the paper!

If any of you have been to our house, you know the butcher paper covered walls in the entry way.  Some people say they really like it, some don't say anything.  For those of you who like it or who like butcher paper walls, sorry...because I really didn't like ours.  It's NOT my style at all.  I knew it had to come down sometime and Nana decided that this weekend had to be the time.  Daddy and the kids went to Grammy's for the weekend while we stayed home and peeled, sometimes almost microscopic, pieces of paper off the walls.  Some came off very easily, some needed a little more time and patience.  The walls were in pretty good shape once we got all the paper off and we didn't need to retexture, thank goodness!  So we painted a super cool color, got rid of the 1995 GOLD, beveled glass "chandelier" (GAG!), put up a sweet track lighting system (sort of), and rehung pictures and put back the modern shelves.  MUCH better.  Daddy was even impressed...also a difficult job to pull off.  I have several big frames waiting for family photos to be placed in them.  Finding the time to do that may be the hardest part of all.  

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Erin said...

You did a great job. It looks AWESOME!