Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Take a hike, Puppy.

Anna has had her beloved "Puppy" since she wanted something to hold.  She would carry him around everywhere.  Some of you can remember...   She has had a baby for a while, maybe as long as she has had the puppy, but the baby has never been wanted.  The original puppy had been replaced by a newer, more "fuzzy" puppy.  One where Anna could twirl it's fur between her fingers when she was going to sleep.  Now that newer puppy has been pushed aside.  I guess he's not fussy enough anymore.  This "new" (it's really not that new) baby has become the favorite.  She used to have clothes and a diaper, but they have been lost...long ago.  We bought her new clothes and put one of Grey's tiny diapers on her.  She goes everywhere with Anna.  Even to Target this morning.  She must be wrapped up (swaddle style) before bedtime and sometimes I even have to come check her diaper to make sure it's "ok" before she goes to sleep.  That poor puppy is always either hanging off a shelf in her closet or under her bed.  I feel sorry for him.   


Jon,Lee, and kids said...

Reagan changes from stuffed animal to stuffed animal to doll depending on her mood. I made her get rid of several so there is a limited choice now of like 10.

the arledge family said...

It was fun bumping into you at target today! Did you find anything good?