Thursday, October 09, 2008

Early Birthday Present.

We were at Sam's today when I saw the movie isle.  I turned and started looking for the "Sleeping Beauty" DVD that just came out.  I thought I'd be able to find it before Anna saw it and stick it in my purse, then pay for it without her seeing it.  It has worked before!  As I turned down the isle Anna immediately yelled "LOOK! SLEEPING BEAUTY!"  It was about 10 feet down the row and there were only a few left.  It took me about a minute to find it and I had to ask her to point it out to me a couple of times because I still couldn't see it.  She spotted it from 10 feet away in a sea of other kid/Disney movies.  She gasped with excitement as I picked it up.  I was trying to figure out a way to let her see and hold it (since she MUST hold it the entire time we're in the store), then snatch it away and wrap it for her birthday...and somehow make her forget that she saw it and I paid for it.  No chance of that happening.  She held on to it, told the entire story of Sleeping Beauty to anyone who would listen while we were in Sam's, told others as we stopped to get other things as they passed us about the fairies and the witch, told the woman at the check out counter about how she was going straight home to watch it, and so on...  So now, after holding it while we drove home, after being crazy impatient while I took it out of the packaging, and after jumping up and down while I put it in the DVD player and hurried through the previews to the menu, she's in heaven watching in her room.  I don't think she'll forget about it so I can wrap it for her.  Happy Birthday Anna!  :)

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the arledge family said...

I was waiting to read that someone thought you were a shoplifter for sticking a movie in your purse and you got arrested. :)