Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Traffic lesson #2.

Today as we were driving home for "school", I came to a red light.  I was in the turning lane and the turning lane light, which is an arrow light, was red.  The light for those going straight was green.  

Anna: Mommy, go ahead! Go ahead 'cause your light's green!

Me: Anna, the light in front of me is a red arrow.  I can't go because I'm turning and it's not my turn to go.

Anna: No, see the light?  It's green.

(the arrow for me turns green)

Me: Ok, now I can go because my arrow is green.  (turn left and pass underneath the red light for the people to my right.)

Anna: NO MOMMY!  We-member how you posta stop at da red light?  You didn't!  You NOT posta go under it, you posta stop!

Me: No, that light wasn't for me, it was for the other people beside us.

Anna:  You we-member Mommy?  You didn't.  Where we going?

Me: Home.

Anna: Ok, you go ahead...go ahead and no stop at the red light...  are we going to da store?  

Me: No, we're going home.

Anna: Ok...you need ta we-member ta stop at da red light next time...you go ahead and turn by da store and go home now.


Anonymous said...

Just a tad bit bossy!

Anonymous said...

Cristin does the SAME THING!