Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Chwismas treaf"

Anna made a cute wreath at school on Tuesday.  We took it home and I set down it somewhere in the house intending on putting it up.  Later that evening Anna started asking about her "Chwismas treaf."  I had no idea what she was saying and we went back and forth trying to communicate.  I finally figured out that she was saying "wreath" but was getting "tree" and "wreath" confused.  I went to get the wreath and asked her what she wanted to do with it.  She said, "I wanna put it on my door..."  So I got the tape and headed to her bedroom.  I thought she meant her bedroom door.  She immediately started telling me that that wasn't the door she meant.  After going back and forth with her again, she finally showed me which door she meant.  She wanted it on the door on HER house.  So that's where we put it.  I saved it from the frigid wind storm this morning, thank goodness.  It would've been blown away by the 50mph winds.  Yuck.

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Lindsey said...

Whoa, that took some WORK to cut out all those hands.