Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kin Konfustion

The other day, the kids and I were waiting for the FedEx man to show up in the car while we were parked in the driveway. It's a long, sort of ridiculous story, but the short version is that I didn't want to get the kids out because it was very close to the time he normally comes by. As soon as I got the package I needed to deliver it to was a Christmas card order so they needed them asap. I knew as soon as I got the kids out of the car and into the house, everyone would get tired and want a nap, then the FedEx man would show up. Then I'd have to get everyone back in the car to deliver the package. So we waited in the driveway. While we waited, Anna was asking who we were waiting for. I was telling her about the FedEx man, whose name is John. She knew him since he's been a regular at our house the past couple of months. I bet the neighbors think we're getting drugs delivered or something. But anyway, I was telling Anna about his job, etc. She started asking things like, "His name is John? Reagan's daddy?" And I'd answer, "Yes, they have the same name. Reagan's daddy's name is Jon. He's your uncle Jon." We went back and forth and she seemed to be getting a little confused by all the different names of family members for some reason.

After 30 minutes of waiting in the driveway, I gave in. Grey had a dirty diaper and Anna was done. So we unloaded and went into the house. We were inside for about an hour when the FedEx man, John, showed up. Anna raced to the door as usual and as I opened the door Anna yells, "Are YOU my Daddy?!" I was trying to talk over Anna since I was mortified that we hadn't cleared all that confusion up in the car. I don't know if John heard her, but I'm not sure how he didn't.

John came again the day before yesterday and of course, Anna runs to the door. I open the door and again, "Are YOU my Daddy?!" He heard it that time and Anna's real dad (whose name is not John) was home. He yells back at Anna as I laugh trying to cover my embarrassment. John, the FedEx man laughed.

Today I turned "Bruce Almighty" on. It was on cable. Anna looks at Morgan Freeman and says, "Mommy, that's my other grandpa." What??


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Bug and Bear said...

Oh that is just too funny. On another note I just love your photos.

J.E.M. said...

OMG. Jeremy and I are sitting here cracking up!!!!! Poor John. And poor you!