Monday, December 01, 2008

"I'm SO excited ..."

Every time Anna sees Christmas decorations lately she says, "I'm SO excited it's Christmas DAY!" She still hasn't caught on to the difference between a "season" and a "day," even though we've tried to explain it to her several times; each time it being more of a let down than anything.  I think she'd rather us (and everyone else) keep all the Christmas stuff up year around.  But who could blame her?  J put up some awesome Christmas lights on the house with a big, glowing snowflake above our garage, and I put a smaller snowflake in Anna's window.  She thought that was pretty neato.  When we go to the mall, she points out almost every Christmas related thing.  She will probably be pretty sad when we have to take the tree down and move our furniture back.  I'm just glad that she will really have memories of this Christmas, including putting the star on top of the Christmas tree all by herself...with Daddy's help.  ;)
These are some of my new things I found in my decorations!  Pretty huh?  They got a little hot in the attic and melted to each other.  But they still look fine.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Your tree is beautiful and it's cool to hear about Anna being so excited. If only everyone could enjoy the season so completely.