Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread house.

...the intense concentration.

Our great friend, Teri, brought over a prebuilt gingerbread house complete with two bags full of decorations and little icing bags. I told Anna that she had to wait until her dad got home to decorate it. It was going to be a father/daughter project. I knew J would like to do that with her. So after asking me a gabillion times when Daddy was going to be home, or if she could go ahead and get started without him, he finally came home from work. After dinner they got started. It turned out very nice and Anna had a hard time leaving it alone. I think her finger was in her mouth licking off icing and other decorations every time I turned around.

J's fabulous wood pile "out back" made of pretzels.

Grey wanted to help.

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