Wednesday, December 17, 2008

There are no secrets.

I had to give J his present early.  It's a long story...  but it came in two small boxes that were pretty obvious if they were wrapped in the original packaging.  So when I came back from the store and needed to wrap it somehow that he didn't know exactly what it was just from looking it after it was wrapped, I decided to do it the "nesting" way.  You know, the present, wrapped inside another present, wrapped inside another.  Anna helped.  She didn't really know what the gift was and I was careful not to tell her...or show her, just in case her dad decided to try to get it out of her before he opened it.  We wrapped the two small packages, packed them into a larger box, then wrapped it.  We packed that wrapped box into anther box, then wrapped it.  The boxes I happen to have were, of course, a diaper and wipes box.  When we got all the tape put on it (in places that didn't actually hold anything together, usually) and the purple bow that Anna chose (nice and manly!), we put it under the tree and waited for Daddy to come home.  As soon as he came home, Anna was ALL OVER the gift and was asking J to open it right away.  

Anna: DADDY!  OPEN your present!!!

Daddy: Are you sure it's not your present? (since it was purple and green, I guess)

Anna: NO!  It's YOURS!  I helped Mommy wrap it up!

Daddy: What's in the box?

Anna: It's a box, but there are no diapers in there!

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