Wednesday, December 10, 2008

...of all things...

This weekend while we were on our way back from the "trip", as Anna likes to call it, we stopped at a convenience store so I could get some snacks.  Anna loves popcorn and I saw this cute, vintage bag of kettle corn hanging next to the cashews.  I'm such a sucker for cool packaging, so I grabbed it.  This is probably the first time I've ever bought popcorn in a bag, since I think the whole idea of it is kind of gross.  It's just so "grandpa-ish", and frankly, it just doesn't sound good to me at all when you can have perfectly good, warm popcorn right out of the microwave.  Anna didn't end up eating this little red bag of kettle corn on the trip home so I saved it for later.  She was in her room the next day and asked for some popcorn.  I remembered that I had this bag and went to get it rather than popping another bag that she'd just eat about three handfuls of.  She tasted it, then asked for some "different popcorn."  She didn't like it.  I again wondered why I bought it in the first place and thought , "uh, yeah, it's popcorn IN A's gotta be gross."  As I headed to the trash with it, I shook some into my palm and tossed it into my mouth.  It stopped in in my tracks.  It was SO good!  Could this be?  A non-grandpa-ish bag of pre-popped popcorn?  I didn't even like kettle corn either!  I inhaled the bag while I worked on some photography and after I tipped the bag up to get the rest of the crumbs the had settled into the seam at the bottom of the bag, I thought, "there is NO WAY I'll find this anywhere else since it came from a convenience store out in the middle of nowhere.  

The next day, the kids were at school and I was out looking for teachers gifts at World Market.  I turned down one of those weird food isles and there it was...  an entire section of these vintage red popcorn bags, all different flavors.  Well, not all the flavors were there.  It looked like others had discovered this delectable snack as well.  The kettle corn that I had loved was there.  I have no idea how much it is, but because the packaging is so cool, I'm sure it's too expensive.  I got one bag and it's sitting here, almost empty, while I write this.  (I got it yeaterday.)  I think I'll buy some stock...or just stock up.

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Erin said...

Amen sister. I was there today and performed my own taste test. I usually hate bagged popcorn, but I have to admit,this stuff is good.