Friday, May 23, 2008

Another conversation.

While we spent a few hours this morning/afternoon in the sandbox, Anna was giving me the plans for the day, as she normally does.  Here they are...

Anna: "Mommy.  After I play in da sandbox, I go to Jenni's house.  Then I go to Nana's myself"

Me: "Really?  How are you gonna get there?"

Anna: "I take my car."

Me: "Hm.  Your car?"

Anna: "Yeah, but first we have to take da car to clean it.  It's dirty.  We take it to dat car wash."

Me: "Then what?"

Anna: "Then we go to get some gas.  Daddy come home with some money?"

Me: "No, Daddy isn't coming home with any money."

Anna: "OH! I go get some money."

Me: "You know where some money is?"

Anna: "Yeah.  We go get it.  Then we take the car to car wash then go to Jenni's house and Nana's myself."

I'll let you know where she finds that money.

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