Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Like I said...

Anna was born a mother.  I was on the computer listening to Grey start to fuss a little.  She came running in and said her usual, "Mommy, he's mad."  I agreed and went on typing.  While she ran off back into the living room where he was, she said, "He needs to eat her bottle."  Not an unusual statement.  She's said it many times before.  Then a few moments later I hear, "Mommy, I feed him!"  Hmm.  I got up from the computer and walked (quickly) into the living room to see what was really going on.  Just as she said, Anna was sitting on the floor with Grey, feeding him his leftovers from his bottle as she watched her show.  Maybe I'll just ask her next time what I should do when he starts crying again.

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