Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Where we goin?"

I've started noticing myself telling Anna where we "might" go the next day when I tuck her in at night.  I think it may be because I think it may help her be more excited about going to sleep so the next day comes quicker.  So now when I tell Anna good night after reading her books she asks, "Where we goin?"  I feel like I need to make plans for the next day before I go into her room at night to read to her.  It is funny that she knows that we WILL be going somewhere since I feel like a prisoner in my home recently if I don't get out.  We burn lots of unnecessary gas.  $$$$$ Ugh.  Tonight I just told her to think of a fun place to go and tell me in the morning.  I said that I'd think about whatever place she thought of and we might go.  I'm thinking that it will be a tie for first between Nana's house and Jenni's house.  What do ya bet? 

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