Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Speedlite fun.

There's not much that is interesting happening in this shot.  (Besides the fact that it's almost 10pm, Anna's STILL not in bed, and I had to tell her 26 times to stop bouncing off of everything to let me test my speedlite on her.  How dare she be so selfish!  HA!)  It's just the fact that I read one of my favorite photography blogs tonight and figured out some things about my sweet speedlite.  I have had NO idea how to work the thing since the manual is in some other language.  It's in English, but they are using photography words I've never heard before to tell me how to use it.  It's been frustrating.  Me Ra Koh's website/blog is SO good about speaking to people like they don't know anything, but not making them feel stupid about photography.  I HEART her blog.  Yep, I just wrote that...  Anyway.  I think this has led me to put in another spot on my blog that includes my favorite photog sites...just in case anyone out there cares.  ...probably not.  Ha!

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