Sunday, May 18, 2008


So...  lately Anna has been stripping down to nothing when she takes a nap.  Then when she wakes up, she gets herself dressed again.  Many times her clothes are on completely backwards or inside out.  That's how I know she's getting naked in bed.  Sometimes I know because I go and check on her to make sure she's really "trying" to go to sleep while her movie is on.  She's all covered up an I notice a bare shoulder poking out of the top of the sheets.  I ask her, "Why are you naked."  She just says something like, "I didn't want to wear my clothes."  Fair enough.   So my two year old daughter likes to sleep in the nude.  Nice.  This afternoon, same ol' thing.  She came into the living room after her nap with her shirt on inside out.  I thought, "At least she put her clothes back on..."  We went to Pei Wei to eat, then to the park to play.  Of course, she needed to potty while we were at the park and the restroom was on the other side of the park.  Daddy and Anna ran the almost half a mile to get there.  Once they got back, her dad looked at me with this funny look and said, "Anna's going commando."  I asked him, "Where did you put her panties?", thinking she had maybe not made it to the potty in time.  He said, "No, she didn't have any on at all!"  So we had been out for a while with a child with no underwear whatsoever.  You obviously couldn't tell...or at least I couldn't.  I put it all together.  She had gotten naked in bed, and didn't put her panties back on.  Next time, I'll check to make sure she has them.

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Jon,Lee, and kids said...

Reagan strips down to her underwear any time that she is hot. Jon and I are always telling her to put her clothes on but she never goes commando...not to my knowledge anyway.