Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chop Sticks.

That is, the kind you eat with.  We got a semi-new Pei Wei in town and we go as much as we can.  Which isn't all that often.  Since we don't really have a kitchen sink right now and no way to do many dishes (dang.), we decided it would be a good time to go for some spring rolls.  I gave Anna some chop sticks to play with so she wouldn't be bouncing off the chairs and tables as she normally does.  She drummed with them a little, stuck them up her nose, etc., which she's done before.  We got our food and got Anna's ready for her including a choice of a fork or spoon.  She went for the chop sticks instead.  I'm not sure where she saw or learned how to use these things, but she picked them up, held them correctly, and picked up several bites with them!  What?!  I looked at her dad and was like, "What?...Where in the world did she learn that?!"  He didn't know either.  She kept going...  sometimes stabbing at the food with them, sometimes the sticks would get too far apart (you know when they do that to all of us amateurs), and other times she'd really pick bites up with them.  She was better at it than I am, which really isn't saying a lot.   


Anonymous said...

Of course she can use chop sticks. She's the smartest kid ever!

Ashley said...

ha! thanks...she doesn't get her brain from me! ...which only means she gets it from jobe, and that's a little scary.