Monday, May 05, 2008


This weekend Daddy, Anna and I went on vacation.  I almost had to look up the word "vacation" in the dictionary before we went.  Ha!  We don't go many places together, and especially with kids.  Grey stayed home with Nana for this trip.  THANKS NANA!  I really needed a break from the frustration and colic (or whatever his "deal" is).  Daddy has conferences at different places around the state and this time the conference was planned strictly for families to come together, kids or no kids.  We all stayed at the Mayan Dude Ranch in Bandera just outside of San Antonio.  I know... "Mayan" and "Dude" aren't two words that I would have put together, but hey...  Anyway, we had a very "country" cabin that we stayed in.  Ours had a couple of those creepy Madame Alexander doll look-alikes as decor around for decoration.  Those immediately were put away.  I'm really weirded out by those.  We also had an old "little house on the prairie" looking dress hanging on the wall.  Not sure why...  I almost wore it on the hay ride to dinner one night.  

All the weird things aside, we all had a good time.  It was nice to be reminded of what it was like only having one kid.  That sounds really crass, but I have felt like I take most of my frustration out on Anna lately.  So we've been not the best of friends the last few weeks.  Anna was awesome in the car.  All 14 hours (round trip).  We stopped in Fredericksburg and walked around, ate some German food, and Daddy had some German beer.  Anna sat on some cool fire trucks and played at the park.  At the "Dude Ranch" she got to swim at the super nice pool, and see lots of deer, horses, buffalo, and peacocks.  She got to go on hayrides to breakfast and dinner out in woods, eat lots of junk, and dance a ton with Daddy.  She didn't ever get used to the hills of the hill country.  She had a few spills that scuffed and bruised her knees pretty well.

On Sunday, we drove into San Antonio and met some great friends, Cristin and Andrew.  They went with us to the zoo where they got us in for FREE!  We really have SO many friends in high places.  You know who you are!!  Ha!  Anna loved the zoo...almost as much as Daddy.  Daddy wanted to see every single exhibit.  It was Anna's first trip to the that sad or what?  We hardly ever take her anywhere.  :(  I'm not that much of a "zoo person", but I had a good time because everyone else was as well.  I just have bad memories of my last (and only) zoo experience.  It involved a very large bowel movement of an elephant that was standing WAY too close to the fence where everyone else was standing (splash), and a poor and very hot polar bear that I felt very sorry for.  

I'll have some pictures us soon.  Of course, I took over 100 pics so I'll have to widdle them down before I load them.  

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