Friday, May 23, 2008

"I need a sandbox."

Anna has been saying "I need a trampoline, a swimming pool, and a sandbox."  Yesterday we came through with one of those things, a sandbox.  Well, Nana did, as usual.  :)  Thanks Nana!  We supplied the sand and toys.  Anna has NO backyard to play in.  There is a backyard, it's just not kid friendly yet.  We've been pondering the trampoline, and we'll go to Aunt Jenni's sweet swimming pool this summer to swim with the cousins.  We don't have THAT much backyard for all those things.  Daddy has been trying to teach Anna that she doesn't "NEED" any of those things.  She of course doesn't understand because she "NEEDS" everything.  Grey supervised the playtime yesterday.

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