Thursday, September 11, 2008

A fence post: Part 2

The latest "conversation":
Anna:  Mommy, is it going to start rainin' again?
Me: It might.  It has been raining lots today.
Anna:  It's not!
Me: It has rained a lot....and sometimes it stops, then it starts again.
Anna: Nu-Uh.... Mommy, where is the button to make the rain start?
Me: There's no button.  The rain falls from the sky...from the clouds.
Anna: NO it doesn't.  
Me: Yep, it does.
Anna: Mommy, is the rain made of water?
Me: Yes.
Anna: No, IT'S JUICE!
Me: Nope, sorry to disappoint...but it's water.
Anna: Nu-Uhhh.

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