Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vampires that like the sunlight.


Again, something not so great is the result of something really great.  Our 8 inches of rain brought some clever friends who seem to be multiplying by the trillions each day.  You can't even stand outside for more than a few seconds without getting swarmed by these little monsters.  We had a cookout at some friends' house last night and were eaten alive.  We all had on layers of Deep Woods Off and I even sprayed Grey with some "Skin so soft" Off.  The mosquitos didn't seem to care a bit and LOVED Grey's sweetness.  :)  The poor kid has 6 HUGE bites, and 4 of them are on his head.  I've given him some Benadryl so maybe the swelling and redness will subside.  He looks so sad.  I got Anna some "princess" band-aids yesterday and she has 3 or 4 of them covering her worst bites.  We also have even more of those fake looking mosquitoes.  They don't bite (I don't think) but they sort of look like the real thing...a little smaller I think.  I put up Anna's ginormous Cinderella tent yesterday and within about 30 minutes, the entire ceiling was covered in those little bugs.  Gag.  Is there anything else I can do for these bite on the kids?


nanacathy said...

Only the female mosquitos bite...maybe the other ones are male...something about eggs and such...they have a benadryl gel that works good and doesn't make them zombies...not that you would mind that..ha

Ashley said...

We just had a mass genocide of the male mosquitos...if that was what they were.