Thursday, September 04, 2008

SickO: Part 2

We missed the SECOND day of school too.  Sad.  Anna was doing well yesterday until about lunchtime, then the whining and fever hit once again.  I drugged her up and sent her to bed.  She was good after about an hour of watching The Lion King, and was up and around again.  I thought she would be fine by the next day, but after playing soccer, hide-n-go-seek, and riding her bike with Daddy last night, the fever was back.  So, no school this morning.  It stinks since we've already paid for these days for both kids and we won't get the money back.  The PDO director told me to go ahead and bring Grey today, but I told her that since I'd have to take Anna up there to drop off Grey, and she wouldn't get to stay, that there may be a meltdown.  I didn't mention school to her today just so she wouldn't be sad about not going.  So next Tuesday will be our official FIRST day of school...hopefully.  And my official FIRST day off in a while. 

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