Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is she NUTS?!

Or am I?  Today Grey had his (way late) 6 month check up.  It was way late all because I scheduled a doctor's appt for me on the same day and at the same time as his.  Oops.  I thought last night, hey, why not try to get Anna's 3 year check up done at the same time as Grey's appt?  I was going to have to pick up Anna and Grey both from "school" since the appt was just late enough that I wasn't sure we'd be done in time to get back and pick up Anna when she got out.  So I figured she'd just go with us.  She did so well last time I took her to Grey's appt.  She consoled him while he got his shots, and talked to the nurses and doctor so politely.  I thought that maybe I could talk her through getting her shots along with Grey this time.  I was not optimistic.
I picked them up from school and off we went.  Daddy was so kind to meet us at the doc's office mid-day to help with any meltdowns or pep talks.  We got both of them weighed and measured.  Grey: 20.4 lbs and 27.5" long.  Anna: 32 lbs and 37" tall (ish).  I can't quite remember.  Her height may be totally wrong.  I do know that she gained a whole 2 lbs in a year.  That's not that much.  Anyway.  As the nurse looked at all Anna's stats on the computer, she gasped and said, "Anna doesn't get shots today!"  I kind of felt bad that I asked my husband to come help when I didn't need it after all.  But it was nice anyway.
For some reason, Anna was a little bummed that she wasn't going to get shots.  She started saying things like, "Mommy, I want a shot right here (pointing in a random spot). Mommy I was TWO shots! I want one right here and right here...and two on my legs, and one on my arm!"  What?  Maybe she didn't know what a shot really was like, or maybe she didn't remember.  After we talked to the doctor, and as he was leaving he said, so we need two flu shots, and rattled off a couple more medical terms for other shots for Grey.  I looked at Anna and said, "Hey, you DO get a shot today!"  Her face lit up.  Really.  She hopped right up on the table and said that she wanted to go first.  The nurse briskly talked her through it, held her hands, and gave her the shot in her thigh.  Anna's eye's darted toward me as she took a deep breath in and cringed a bit.  The nurse pulled out the needle and stuck a band aid on it.  Anna let out her airy giggle.  That was it.  No crying.  She even got up and help Grey's hand while he got his three shots, telling him "Iz ok Grwey."  

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Erin said...

So awesome. If there was any question on whether or not she was the best kid ever, this definitely settles the argument- best kid EVER. She's hilarious......and yes, I think a little nuts too :)