Monday, September 29, 2008

The scissors and the hospital.

This morning I let Anna cut some paper.  Ever since Erin came over and taught her how to cut, and after we made MORE circles for her circle calender (counting down to nowhere), she has been obsessed.  I just hope those scissors don't venture up to her hair!  Read Megan's blog!  But Miss Megan didn't do much damage at all.  :)  She just added a little "punk" to her already cute style.  :)  So, I looked over at Anna and saw her with one of her fingers between the scissor blades.  She wasn't "cutting" her finger, just looking at me as if she could and knew that it wouldn't be a good thing.  I told her get her finger away from the scissors and to only cut the paper...and that if she cut her fingers with the scissors, the blood would come out and she may have to go to the hospital.  She got that "hopeless look" on her face and said, "But I want to go get another baby from the hospital!"  "Sorry girl.  Grey's enough baby for us right now," I told her.  Besides the teeth, he's a much happier man these days though.  ;)

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J.E.M. said...

LOL. See, she needs another sibling. HA!