Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I thought this was great.  I took it from across the stadium.
She's looking just above the camera, of course...but smiling!
This is the way she looked for the first half...sucking on that straw.  That coke was huge.
She's the only excited one in the stands!

Anna, Daddy, and I went to a college football game this weekend.  We had a great time and were surprised Anna stayed until we were ready to leave...which ended up being close to the end of the game.  She hadn't ever been to a big sporting event so we weren't sure how she's act.  Only a few minutes into the first quarter, she was a little whiney and was ready to go home.  I had to give her some Benadryl before we left for the game and knew that it may make her tired.  So to offset the side effects, we got a HUGE coke (well, mainly because I wanted it) and let her have some (most) of it.  She doesn't ever get coke and we thought it was fine this one time.  She bounced back very quickly.  She didn't watch that much of the game and was looking for the horse, the band, and the cheerleaders most of the time.  Here are some fun things she said during the game:
"Where are the singing men?" (the band)
"Is that big man in the black clothes going to help the little men in the black clothes?"
"Did that horse poop?"
"They have to get the ball ALL the way down that way on the green floor?"
"Is that horse taking a nap?"
"Mommy, that boy's funny red hair matches his shirt!"


Anonymous said...

OMG! Those pictures are amazing. How cute. The picture of you and Anna is beautiful. What a treasure. We are convinced that she is the cutest kid out there. Sorry everyone else, but how can you disagree.

Ashley said...

Thanks Cristin! I think it's pretty sad that I had to run my "Pro Retouch" action on my face at full opacity in Photoshop. I looked really OLD...HA! And I do have to agree...she's a cutie!

Erin said...

Whatever Ash, you know your a freakin H.O.T.T. MAMA...who also has a ridiculously beautiful daughter :) Must be in the genes, cause we know it isn't in the good ol' Lubbock water....