Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little-Bitty Big Kid.

Anna and Daddy went for their nightly ritual of riding her bike.  As she peddled away she said, "Hey Mommy, put Grey in the stroller and c'mom!"  Not a bad idea, I thought.  So I loaded the slobbery kid in the stroller and we were off to try to catch the speed racer.  We went the opposite way and met them around the block.  Anna has really become quite the cyclist.  I always get a little nervous when I take Grey out and we walk with Daddy as she rides.  She rides so fast.  The fast part isn't what I'm concerned about, it's the riding fast and coming up to a turn or crosswalk.  She knows exactly what to do.  She either hits the breaks and makes a nice black mark on the sidewalk (which she is very proud of), or makes the turn like a pro.  She was riding as we chased her down the sidewalk and I said, "She looks like such a big kid!  A little-bitty big kid!"  My husband said, "Yep, and she acts like a little-bitty big kid too."  Then she disappeared around the corner.  We caught up to her.  
She's so funny on that bike.  Daddy has taught her how to stand up and peddle hard and to keep peddling and hop up on (very short) curbs.  It's just funny to see her act like she's like 7 years old, but she's just so little...not even 3...but almost!


Anonymous said...

Yes, but she has the nerve of a 10 year old boy.

Micah said...

You do realize that Hannah can't even ride her little, red tricycle, right? -Deb

Ashley said...

Deb, it's only b/c she has her mother's wonderful cautious nature. You'll be thankful when she is a teenager. :)